Introduction to WebAssembly

Internet Engineering
Spring 2024
We, Mohammad and Narges gave a presentation as Introduction to WebAssembly in Internet Engineering course at Shahid Beheshti University. Here you can find the slides and some code example of this presentation for better intuition. Before using the codes, we highly recommend to read the slides.


- For converting .wat file to .wasm, firstly install wabt. Then run the commands below in your terminal.(More detailed help can be found on wabt github page).


To install it on your OS, follow the steps here carefully.

Running wat2wasm

some examples:

# parse and typecheck test.wat
$ bin/wat2wasm test.wat

# parse test.wat and write to binary file test.wasm
$ bin/wat2wasm test.wat -o test.wasm

# parse spec-test.wast, and write verbose output to stdout (including the
# meaning of every byte)
$ bin/wat2wasm spec-test.wast -v
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